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Welcome to the Great Lakes Speed Goats fantasy golf league. You can sign-up using this link if you know the league password. Pay entry fee ASAP so I don’t have to lock you out. Format: This is a One and Done league. You pick one golfer each week (make sure he is playing that week). Whatever your chosen player makes in $ earnings that week, you make. If he misses cut you make nothing. At the end of the season, the first and second place fantasy team will win a cash prize. “Done” means once you select a golfer, you will no longer be able to select him again for the remainder of the season. So plan accordingly and remember, big tournaments equals bigger money. New this year is “Most Cuts Made”. So as the season rolls on, stay committed to making cuts and catching up - cause this team will be rewarded handsomely, maybe more then second place. Most cuts made tie breaker is total $ earnings for your team for the season. Any questions let me know. Payouts are still TBD.

League Commissioner: Tony T